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One Platform Links to all Private Markets

FIND an introducing Broker-Dealer offers Direct Market Access (DMA) trading platform for price-discovery and trading venue connections for private company securities.


Market Maker Firms

  • Connect to multiple ATS (Alternative Trading Systems).
  • Simplifies liquidity provision across various venues.
  • Direct access to Primary Offerings and Secondary Offerings from issuer companies.

Alterative Trading Systems (ATS)

  • Connects to multiple market-maker firms for enhanced liquidity.
  • Access to a broad range of clients via Sponsor Access Network.
  • Interlinks with other ATS for optimal execution.

Sponsor Brokers-Dealers

  • Connect to ATS & market makers in private markets
  • Access via multiple interfaces
    Private Label Solution
  • Seamless Integration with Custody, Transfer Agents, Clearing Systems.

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