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May 23, 2023, 12:00 GMT

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023/ — Fundamental Interactions Neutron Direct LLC (“FIND”), a Direct Market Access (“DMA”) trading platform, will provide price-discovery of private company securities and connections to trading venues for those securities.

FIND, a registered broker-dealer with FINRA, is owned by Fundamental Interactions Inc., a leading technology provider of market center solutions across global financial instruments. The platform will utilize the core technology and expertise provided by Fundamental Interactions Inc.

FIND’s platform is aimed at providing broader market access to the secondary markets for private shares. The platform will offer real-time market-based pricing and ease of trading access for private shares across a variety of regulated Alternative Trading Systems (“ATS”) and broker-dealers. The platform will be an innovative and low-cost solution for Direct Market Access to siloed vertically operated Alternative Trading Systems dedicated to the private shares sector.

“FIND will define the future of private markets access and set an industry standard by creating an unparalleled technology solution that solves long-standing problems of limited access to private markets,” said William Karsh CEO from FIND LLC.

FIND’s platform is operationally organized around multiple innovative features and services that are unique in the private-markets space. The platform will manage and operate a transparent and regulatory-compliant Direct Market Access (DMA) platform with a dedicated web trading portal primarily for over-the-counter private company shares for institutions and qualified investors to utilize. The DMA platform will enable secure trading and facilitate complex settlement instructions to various custodians and transfer agents supporting these venue transactions.

FIND’s innovative approach to creating more transparency and liquidity for private company securities could be a gamechanger and a welcome development for private company investors.

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About Fundamental Interactions Inc.

Fundamental Interactions Inc. is the leading developer of enterprise market center technology platforms. Its products are widely deployed by securities exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) systems, Multi-lateral Trading Facilities (MTF), and inter-dealer brokers across a variety of asset classes, including digital assets, and across geographic regions.

About Fundamental Interactions Neutron Direct LLC.

Fundamental Interactions Neutron Direct LLC, a subsidiary of Fundamental Interactions Inc., addresses broader market access to the secondary markets for private shares. FIND provides ease of trading access, and real-time market-based pricing for trading private shares via regulated Alternative Trading Systems and broker-dealers. FIND is a registered broker-dealer with FINRA.

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Fundamental Interactions Neutron Direct, LLC
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